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PP | Polypropylene

PP is the lightest thermoplastic. But has a high resistance to heat Has very good mechanical properties, tough, resistant to pulling force, impact and good stability. It is resistant to chemicals, solvents and is a very good electrical insulation.

PP is used in the packaging of heat resistant plastic bags, transparent films, food wrapping films, furniture and household utensils. It is also used in the production of automobile parts. And motorcycle parts by adding additives to help PP have better mechanical properties such as Talc, Glass Fiber, Mineral Fiber and EPDM rubber.

Examples of PP automotive components are Exterior parts such as Bumper, Radiator grill, Spoiler, Side skirt, Fog lamp. Interior parts such as Instrument panels, Door panel, Console. Products under the bonnet (Underhood parts) include Fan shound, Intake manifold etc.

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PP | Polypropylene

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