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PC | Polycarbonate

PC is a polymer in the polyester family, which is transparent, hard and resistant to high heat. Resistant to acid but not alkaline and has good impact resistance. Therefore, is used to make baby bottles, Windscreen, pilot hat, safety glasses, camera lens, Translucent roof,  Fire protection And medical equipment that must be disinfected with heat. PC is also used in car components such as head lamp, fog lamp, inside car cover, etc.

PMMA is a polymer in the Acrylate family, also known as "Acrylic". It is clear, colourless. It is clearer than PC, able to transmit light up to 92%. Strong and weather resistant. Has very good mechanical properties and very good heat resistance. The outstanding properties of PMMA is its transparency and its ease to be dyed different colours. Therefore it is used as a component of electrical appliances and the light system components of the car that are coloured, such as turning lights, tail lamps, car glass, mileage dial. PMMA is also used to make billboards, glasses or lenses instead of glass.

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PC | Polycarbonate

PMMA | Polymethyl Methacrylate

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