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PC Alloys is a combination of two types of plastic, resulting in a new material that covers the properties of both plastics. Here we will cover PC / ABS, PC / ASA and  PC / PET.

The new material obtained has excellent mechanical properties and can withstand heat as well as PC, has an easy forming process like ABS or has colour stability properties. With excellent mechanical properties and resistance to deterioration. Can withstand higher temperatures like ASA or may give a beautiful glossy surface like PET. The mixing ratio of both of these plastics will have an effect on heat resistance and flowability.

PC / ABS, PC / ASA, PC / PET are extensively applied Both in electrical equipment Medical equipment and car components such as Dashboard, Door handle, Wheel cover, Fascia, Radiator grill, Side mirror etc.

Presently, PC Alloys plastic has been developed to be able to produce colourful pieces in itself. In order to reduce the paint spraying process later called Free Spraying Material by using pigments that have the ability to reflect light resulting in a work that is colourful, beautiful and shiny.  This type of plastic is commonly used in the production of electrical appliances such as hair dryers, vacuum cleaners or used to make luggage etc.

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