"Molding production process"



is the endless production of plastic products from plastic substances that are dust or granules The extrusion system starts from the Extrusion machine to compress and melt the plastic. Then it will be injected to various shape tools (nozzles) depending on the nature of the work.


Plastic extrusion company, all kinds of plastic products and mold making services For the automotive industry, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, plastic extrusion pipes, rails or plastic extrusion according to the drawing.  Rolling machine size 65 mm. Hopper Dryer 75 kg

Extrusion process




Extrusion1 clean.jpg


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The company can produce various types of plastic parts. a variety of styles Depending on the style, size, color, etc., as required by the customer. where customers can inform their needs Or can bring a sample (Drawning) to the company, suggesting information and giving advice to customers so that the results of the work meet the needs of the customers. by a team of experts We also have tools to measure workpieces that are accurate according to international standards. to increase customer confidence

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