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TPE | Thermoplastic Elastomers

New type of material produced by mixing thermoplastics with rubber. Formed as a material that combines the properties of both plastic and rubber together, that is, the elastic properties of rubber at operating temperatures and can be processed through the same machinery that is used in general plastic molding. In addition, it can be melted multiple times by applying heat and can be recycled.


TPE is a collective name for a group of materials that is made from the combination of thermoplastic with rubber. But people often categorise TPE in the TPS group, which is made of polystyrene (PS) plastic mixed with SBS, SEBS or SEPS rubber.


TPE or TPS is cheaper than other thermoplastic elastomers. Has the properties of being resistant to abrasion and fatigue, therefore it is used in many industries such as shoe components, Pen sleeve, Toothbrush handle, Hand Tools Components, and also used as a cable component and manufactured as automotive interior parts such as Bin mats, Buttons and Knobs etc.

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